Satterlee Arms LLC. estabilished in 1998.
  Building purpose driven bolt action rifles of all types and configurations.

   ​To the right is a Satterlee Arms M-98 in 500 Jeffery
  based on our own in house produced M-98 double 
  square bridge big bore action.

   ​To the left is a Satterlee Arms M-98 action set up for 
   404 Jeffery and fine peice of English walnut.

   ​To the right is a Satterlee Arms M-98 rifle in 338 Win.
  Mag.  This rifle is based on our own square bridge action
  in stainless steel.  The final metal finish is Cera-Kote for a 
  traditional blued look.

   ​To the left is a long range build based on a fully in house 
    blue printed Winchester M-70 action. Chambered in 
    28 Nosler this build has had all the stops pulled.
    Stainless fluted match grade barrel by Broughton.
    Tubb 1/16 firing pin conversion, Jewell trigger,
     Marine tex, titanium pillar bedded Manners carbon
     fiber stock, 20 MOA Murphy precision rail with 8x40 
     torx screws and pressed in hardened dowel pins.
     Installed is a Wyats 3.8 inch magazine box for perfect 
     feed and function of the seated out 195gr Berger 
​     Bullet. DLC vapor depostion coated action. Topped 
     with a Nightforce ATAC-R/ 5-25.