275 Rigby 1935 Chilean 
    Mauser action.
   338 Win Mag. FN action ​​.
    260 Rem.   Mexican Mauser
​          Action
    500 Jeffery 
   Satterlee Mauser action
   7mm Dakota Satterlee Mauser action
      450 Rigby Satterlee Mauser action
   404 Jeffery Winchester ​​action
   375 H&H  Satterlee Mauser action
   416 Rigby Winchester ​​action.
    375 H&H Oberndorf Mauser action.
275 Rigby Argentine Mauser action
   9.3 x 62 Argentine Mauser action
    416 Rigby Satterlee Mauser action.
      338 Rem. Ultra Mag. Satterlee Mauser action
     275 Rigby Satterlee titanium Mauser
    270 Win. Oberndorf type B Mauser action​​
    300 Win. FN action
    338 Win. Mag. Pre-64  ​ Winchester action.
     280 Rem. VZ-24 Mauser action.
    458 Lott Satterlee Mauser action
   ​25-06 Rem. VZ-24 Mauser
   30-06 VZ-24 Mauser ​​
    7mm Rem. mag Satterlee titanium Mauser 
  ​270 Win. VZ-33 Mauser action​​
    ​270 Win. Pre-64 Winchester 

​458 Lott  S/42 Mauser Action

​​ 338 Lapua  Satterlee Mauser aciton

​7mm Rem. Mag Pre-64 Winchester

​280 Ackley  pre-64 Winchester

280 Ackley Satterlee titanium Mauser

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​7mm Rem. Mag. Satterlee titanium Mauser

 ​300 Dakota Satterlee Mauser action

338 Win. Mag. Satterlee Mauser action

375 H&H Satterlee Mauser

​28 Nosler Winchester action