​      ​             "  Great metalwork makes for a great rifle "

​ Each rifle is built to a standard of great quality, superb accuracy and perfect function as my standard. The work on this page covers truing for superb accuracy, caliber conversions, bolt handle cut and weld, custom scope mounts and general metal work as it pertains to custom bolt action rifles.
​In this photo I have a G series Stainless M-70 Winchester set up and dialed into a Tannel fixture. This is when the receiver threads are recut to 1-1/16 x 16 TPI and the receiver face and bolt locking surfaces are precision re-machined to within .0005 of the action boreline.

​In this photo we've moved forward to installation of the barrel, the face of the trued M-70 Receiver is smoked with candle soot.

​With the barrel still in the lathe the trued receiver is screwed onto the barrel by hand and gentley the two are mated and then unscrewed, upon inspection of the smoke imprint a perfect removal of the candle soot from the receiver face this means both barrel and receiver mate and fit perfectly. When the two are torqued together they perform like one peice of metal. This is part of what goes into great metalwork.