Satterlee Birtish Express rifle in 500 Jeffery.
   Based on our Satterlee standard magnum action
   with drop box and deep floorplate.
   Hand crafted Turkish walnut stock with an Ebony
   forend tip and double cross bolts.
   Fully integral barrel and slow rust blue metal
   30-06 thru 500 Jeffery
   English style cheek piece

    Classic British lines
  Satterlee Arms British Express rifle in 450 Rigby.
  Based on the Satterlee M-98 # 19 long magnum action.
  Turkish Walnut stock.
  Rigby checkering patterns at 24 lines per inch
  Fully integral Krieger barrel.
  Smithson scope rings.
                          SATTERLEE PROFESSIONAL RIFLE
     The S.P.R. rifle is based on an all stainless steel Satterlee
    M-98 barreled action with fully integral Krieger barrel.
     The stock is a hand layed fiberglass stock with kevlar
     and carbon fiber reinforcements thru the inlet and grip
     This stock features 3/4 inch titanium bedding pillars that
     are fixtured into the stock at the same time as hand layup.
     Titanium pillars are crush and temperature resitant.
     The style of the S.P.R. stock is British with an open grip
     and a low comb for quick handling and is derived exactly
     from the Satterlee walnut stock.
     All calibers thru 500 Jeffery.

                 The Alpine Rifle

      The Alpine rifle based on the Satterlee M-98
  Action and a Mcmillan hunters edge carbon stock.
  Designed with a blind magazine there is no floorplate.
  Weight savings is 13oz.
  Featured rifle is chambered in 7mm Dakota and is
  fitted with a 26" Lilja #3 contour barrel. 
  Magazine capacity is 3 on magnum rounds, 4 on 
  standard rounds.
  Rifle weight with rings is 7lbs 7oz. 

   North American rifle

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    The North American rifle is a package rifle based on a refurbished and 
    customized M-98 military surplus Mauser action.
    North Amercan package details:
    Custom scope ring bases cut for Talley scope rings.
    Talley scope rings 1 inch or 30mm.
     New production tig welded bolt handle.
     Satterlee 3 position safety.
     Timney trigger.
     Refurbished Mauser bottom metal.
     Douglas or Shilen match grade barrel CM steel #2 contour.
     Blind rear screw hole.
     Allen guard screws.
     Mcmillan interarms mark X flat top stock cnc inletted then
     match grade bedded in Devcon with barrel free floated.
     Sherwin Williams Polene paint in all popular colors.
     Cera-Kote metal finish.